About Catherine

I am a Natural Health Animal Practitioner, working with owners and their animals to restore physical and emotional balance in a natural, ethical and truly holistic way. I have two children (both passionate sports fanatics), six cats, three ponies, two dogs and three guines pigs!  I am passionate about the link between physical and emotional health and wellbeing for all species, and about sharing knowledge to allow people to make the right choices for themselves and their animals. As an animal Iridologist, Applied Zoopharmacognosist (self-medicating using nature remedies), Red Light Therapist & Animal Communicator balance is the key and the journey always starts with good species appropriate nutrition, the building block for all health & emotional wellbeing! I am so excited to have found Purium’s amazing range of products that I am now able to share. My aim is to help people and animals find achievable ways   to take back responsibility for their health. If you don’t look after your own body & mind by nourishing your cells with the nutrients they need then it is difficult to truly understand what your animals need to thrive. You will never look back once you start this journey so start today and I will be pleased to help and support in any way possible. Purium also has a full time Naturopath available to answer your health concerns.


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