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Lost 28 lbs in 10 days

If I told you today that in 10 short days you could be 28 lbs lighter and feeling better than ever, would you believe me? Well it sounds too good to be true but I am living proof.

I have been suffering from high blood pressure, sleep apnea, chronic lower back pain, was just diagnosed as per-diabetic and recently had developed an undiagnosed foot pain that makes it difficult to do my job properly. My son is now 10 and is the picture of perfect health. I have come to grips that I do not want to miss a moment of his life and do not want to deny him of the active healthy lifestyle I enjoyed at his age. I no longer can stand to live a life of pain and suffering at his expense.

I was shocked that I never once felt hungry. I was prepared for the ‘oh so familiar’ stomach roar, but it never happened. Someone my size that looks the way I LOOKED, should be hungry all the time - I have been done with my first 10-day Transformation for a few days and still don't get hunger pains…awesome!!!

By day 2 my chronic lower back pain had disappeared. Previously I could not stand up straight in one spot for longer than a few minutes without having to sit down or walk more than a few feet without resting. Now I can stand and chat without squirming and walk up and down stairs without any pain. My energy levels are through the roof and I can fall asleep without tossing and turning. I find that I am more alert at work and my overall state of being feels more relaxed and soothing. I am now feeling great, looking great, and not afraid to share my success story with complete strangers. In the past I would have never showed anybody a picture of me, needless to say one of my with just no shirt on and my belly hanging over my shorts. Now as soon as someone strikes up a conversation, I'm whipping out my cell phone, showing them my “Before and After” picture.

The physical transformation is not the most exciting thing for me, it's the mental state of mind that I now have. I know that I can accomplish something that I never thought was possible. I watch shows about Navy Seals training and the endurance they go thru to show them that their mind is more powerful than their body. Purium= Navy Seals training for nutrition!

Anthony F.
Lost 28 pounds / 9 inches

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