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Lost 2.5% of body fat and 9 lbs. while gaining strength and muscle tissue.

I had been an athlete my entire life, after a successful collegiate wrestling career, I made my living as a natural body builder and personal trainer, but injuries had plagued me the entire way. After numerous knee surgeries that hampered my performance, in 2009 I underwent back surgery and that put a full scale-halt to my career in fitness. Since I have a degree in Exercise Science, the time seemed right for me to go back to teaching and coaching wrestling which I enjoyed, but because of the physicality of the coaching I wound up with four herniated discs in my neck and a torn rotator cuff and labrum. I was told I needed neck surgery and now my career in coaching was officially over as well. I was now forced out of coaching and bodybuilding, the two things I knew best and loved to do most. My body was broken and my career over, I had hit an all time low when I reached out to my longtime friend, a pioneer within the natural bodybuilding movement, Jeffrey to see if he had any advice.

Jeffrey told me that he actually had something he fully believed would help. He was promoting Purium Health Products as part of his Body Proud social initiative and that these products were so pure and so healthy that they would provide all the nutrients I needed to heal from the inside, to clear my body of dangerous toxins and to rebuild. I jumped at the chance to try the products - and heal me they did! By day three I was fully convinced that the aminos and nutrients were giving my body everything it needed to refuel, recharge and rebuild. I was clearing my body of all the dangerous toxins that come included with the over the counter sports drinks and powders, not to mention all the chemicals in non-organic, GMO, processed food and I’d never felt better. After the 10-Day Transformation, I lost 2.5% of body fat, I went from 9.2% to 6.7% and I was actually getting stronger. As a 44 year old man who has not added muscle in years this was tremendous and exciting. But the even bigger improvement was not my measurements or how I looked but how I felt. I had more energy and was able to lift longer with more weight than I had in years. I felt like I had eliminated everything that was negative in my diet and regained control of my health, I felt like a new man and I wanted to share this product and the associated benefits with everyone I knew, starting with my family.

My wife jumped on board, and she is healthier and more fit today than she has been since she was in high school and we even started adding Purium to our kids’ diet. In fact my 13-month old daughter was under weight and started having unexplained seizures. These seizures were extremely traumatic and resulted in her stopping breathing, 911 calls, terrifying ambulance rides, hospital stays and what seemed like endless hours pacing in the waiting room until she had been stabilized. We nearly lost her twice as her little body was too weak to fight the poison. The doctors were stumped and my wife and I were scared out of our minds. We learned that she had severe food allergies and that the very food we were feeding her was not only causing the seizures but causing respiratory, ear and eye infections and a number of other painful symptoms. We now give her some of the Power Shakes and we eat only organic and Non GMO, the seizures have stopped and she is now healthy and thriving. Purium products have helped my other children as well, including helping with acne, hyperactivity, focus issues and more. At the end of the day Purium opened my eyes to the fact that putting chemicals and pesticides into our body through the food we eat can have severe and life threatening consequences.

“I believe wholeheartedly that Purium saved not only my career, but my life and the lives of my family. I’m sharing my story with everyone I possibly can so that more people can see the benefits and reap the healthy rewards of being Body Proud and living The Purium Lifestyle.”

Mike K.
Lost 2.5% of body fat and 9 lbs. while gaining strength and muscle tissue.

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