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Lost 16 lbs in 10 days

I have tried losing my belly for years. I have used Zenadrin, Hydroxicut and other weight loss supplements. My wife and I do “Body For Life.” We received amazing results, but were unable to maintain. I lift weights 3-5 times a week, but was never able to reduce my belly. When I saw the before and after pictures of those who had completed the challenge, primarily my wife, I had to try. My abdomen has in fact gone down for the first time in well over 23 years. Amazing!

The most surprising thing to me during my transformation was day 3. On day 3, I stepped on the scale and noticed I had lost 7 pounds. That was both amazing and motivating, I was hooked. There were times when I wanted to grab a chip or some nuts, but I didn't because I wanted to lose 5-20 pounds. I did it and am so proud of myself. My experience was surreal after day 3. The results were surreal also. I continued to lose weight even right up the last day. Truly unique.

My definition of success: accomplish what you set out to do. To actually complete a challenge, sticking to the prescribed plan regardless of how I wanted to deviate. I achieved success for the first round. There will be a second and third...

Rodney R.
Lost 16 lbs /11 inches

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