Lydia H.

Reclaimed her active lifestyle and replaced her fulltime income.

A lifelong athlete and successful entrepreneur Lydia's life changed dramatically when she broke her ankle. Unable to exercise, she gained weight and fell into a depression; at age 50 she thought that it was just time to slow down. Thankfully, a friend introduced her to Purium products and she immediately signed up for two 10-Day Transformations. She lost 20 lbs in 17 days! Although her results were nothing short of astonishing she wasn’t interested in selling Purium, she wanted to continue with her existing accounting practice while using the Purium products to meet her personal health and fitness goals.

As Lydia continued to see amazing results she was feeling better, stronger and younger than ever before. She realized that if she shared what she had learned with her friends and family it could help them be the very best version of themselves too. Lydia joined the program and began following the Proven Plan of Action earning Crown Status in just 8 short months. She now has a network of more than 3,000 people on her team and by focusing on her business and promoting all the Transformations she was able to completely replace her fulltime income.

“I’m taking better care of myself both physically and financially than I ever have before. Living the Purium lifestyle sets me up for longevity and continued good health as I age. I’m doing this for myself and for the sake my family.”

Lydia H.
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