Pi’ilani S.

Was able to replace her full time salary just in 2 months

After a heartbreaking string of financial and health related struggles Pi’ilani S. was in trouble. Unable to meet her financial obligations she was constantly worried and frustrated. And while she was exercising regularly she was gaining weight and her health was at risk. She knew she needed to regain control of her life and begin anew.

That’s when she saw a before and after photo of The Purium Transformation on social media. She was so intrigued she jumped right in and in just 30 days she’d lost an amazing 20 lbs. While not originally interested in the business opportunity she began joining the conference calls where she heard the amazing stories of personal and financial change. Pi’ilani realized that if she committed to the business she could share her knowledge and help others improve their lives.

“It’s about owning your destiny and achieving your dreams. With Purium you work hard but what you get in return is a happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyle. It’s only been one year and I’m eager to forge ahead share this gift with as many people as possible”

Pi’ilani S.
Member Since:
January 2014

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