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Geralyn & Arna were enjoying their careers as professional photographers when the economic crash of 2008 dealt them one financial blow after another. After losing their home to foreclosure and being forced into bankruptcy they were financially and emotionally broken. The stress and disappointment of these heartbreaking events took a toll physically with both women suffering depression and weight gain. They knew in order to gather the strength and clarity needed to improve their lives they had to first focus on getting healthy.

One day a concerned friend sent them a Purium $50 Gift Card hoping it would help them find the path the good health. That magical card and the 10-Day Transformation not only changed their lives but touched so many more lives. Soon friends and relatives inquired about their dramatic transformation and their business was born. They got healthy and threw themselves headfirst into helping others change their lives physically, emotionally and financially. They were really paying it forward in every sense of the word.

"Together we naturally create a team culture of Aloha Spirit, of personal empowerment, fun and a sense of belonging wherein our individual strengths reflect the best of both of us. By simply sharing our transformational story we are able to connect with people on many different levels building lasting relationships along the way. This makes the successes sweeter and the challenges easier to overcome. Mahalo Purium!"

Geralyn & Arna
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