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At 6’2 and 267 lbs., on December 23, 2013, it was official, I was overweight. My fiancé, Sherry told me about Purium Health Products and I signed up that day! During my first “David Sandoval’s 10-Day Celebrity Transformation” I lost approximately 16 lbs. and 4 inches in my waist. I did a second Transformation and lost approximately 20 more lbs. and another 3 inches. That was approximately 36 lbs. in 20 days and I was never hungry once thanks to the “flex food" options.

My experience with Purium has been amazing. First, losing 82 lbs. to date (as I am now a lean and clean 185 lbs) was a game changer in itself. Second, sharing my sense of wellbeing with others has inspired thousands of individuals to join our Purium team and third, what started as a quest to find the perfect weight loss program has turned into a business all on its own.

Sherry and I have almost 4,000 people in our down-line and as “GREEN DIAMONDS” with Purium, we now enjoy not only weekly checks but a monthly check that is paying the mortgage on our property in California. If you're thinking of making Purium a full or part time business, start right now, I’m glad I did!

Rick H.
Lost 82 lbs in less than 1 year

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Platinum is pleased to offer the services of our staff Naturopath Michael Wohlfeld to our Distributors FREE of charge. Education about our products and their health benefits is just one more way Platinum supports you.

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